Encouraging Girls to Dare for their Dreams.

Dream: Successfully start and run my own business on Etsy to encourage girls to not give up on their dreams.
Dare: Do at least one thing a day to work towards that dream.

Here’s the story behind this blog.

Hi, I’m Leah. I run an Etsy shop selling items, handmade by me, that are intended to inspire and motivate teen girls to dare for themselves and their dreams. To me, that means not only keeping those dreams in mind, but taking steps, no matter how small, towards those dreams.

I was a teen girl myself only a few years back. I struggled (and still do, to a degree) with self-confidence, self-image, feeling that I wasn’t smart or pretty or social or good enough or… etc. I had dreams, yes, but I was afraid to chase them because I felt, “What if I fail? What will I do if my dreams never come true?”

Now I know that working for a dream that I believe in can be so focusing and empowering. With my Etsy shop, I want to instill in other teen girls that knowledge.

I believe that every girl has value and potential. I believe that every girl has a right to dreams and opportunities. That means you. That means your friend, your daughter, your sister, the girl who sits next to you in class.

It’s not just me who can try to help girls see the endless possibilities within themselves. You can, as well.

If you’re a teen girl, hold on to your dreams; they’re part of you and just as precious. For the non-teen girls out there (whether you’re a guy, a once-teen girl, or will soon be a teen girl), remember to encourage the teen girls in your life in whatever ways you can. Remember to be kind, even if you can’t agree. Most of all, no matter who you are in the end:

Remember to dare for your dreams.


Original 3/27/12 Post:

My name is Leah; I’m 20 years old. I can not remember ever really working for something in my entire life. Scraping by, yes. Half-heartedly laboring at, yes. But working at, shedding sweat and tears over, and feeling good about that work in the end because I did my best? No, not really.

I’m a college dropout and still living with my parents. I’ve never held down a job in my life and have no marketable skills to my name (except writing). My dream for over a year now has been to open and run a successful shop selling things I make by hand on Etsy.

I’ve done my research. I’ve read blogs. I’ve planned.

Have I actually done anything to work towards this dream? Take a wild guess.

This blog is to chronicle my go at daring for my dream. That will mean work. That will mean trying. That will, most likely, mean shedding sweat and tears.

Am I up for it? Let’s try it and see.


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