Encouraging Girls to Dare for their Dreams.

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This post is exclusively for the teen girls out there! I’m thinking of making this a regular weekly series… a sort of “girl talk” session focusing on girls, their dreams, and their goals. What do you think?

The post for today is a few questions concerning dreams, fears, and taking steps to push through those fears towards those dreams.

What’s a dream of yours that you’re afraid won’t come about? Why?
What do you think is one thing you could do within the next 48 hours, no matter how small, to get closer to obtaining that dream? Could you take a certain action, change a negative thought to a positive one, or choose an item you’ll see often to represent that dream?

Answer the questions in the comments below, or privately to yourself. Maybe it would be beneficial to you to write them down and keep the written answers somewhere safe. Is there a question you could add that you feel applies to you and your dream that would be helpful to answer in writing?

REMEMBER: You only have to be as personal with your answers as you’re comfortable with. Others’ dreams might not jive with yours, and that’s okay; so please only post positive, encouraging comments, or else none at all. Also, if you’re younger than 18 years old, be smart and don’t put any personal, identifying information in your comment should you choose to answer that way.