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Pink Lllama Jar by DangerCatByEmeli on Etsy.com.

It’s a  jar with a hot pink llama on the lid (her name is Cindy). Love it or leave it? I’ll definitely take the former road! This made me laugh and instantly cheered up my day. Made and sold by DangerCatByEmeli on Etsy; photo links to product page.

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Pink Haired Girl Pin by jojoebi on Etsy.com.

Isn’t this pin/brooch made by jojoebi darling? Seeing that cute, bright-haired girl smiling so happily just cheers me right up! Photo links to product page.

What’s something you’re loving right now, that makes you smile?

Rock Star Cufflinks from whitetruffle on Etsy.com.

A pair of cufflinks unabashedly proclaiming the wearer to be a rock star. What more needs to be said, really? Sold by whitetruffle on Etsy.com (photo links to product page).

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Anime Face Maker 2 by gen8

Because it makes me happy in all its geeky glory (click the picture to go to the game).

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Cosmetic bag made by inges on Etsy.com.

Basically, for posts under this category I’ll be posting one or two things that I happen to be liking at the moment. They could be music, handmade pieces, etc.

For now, I found this pretty red bag on Etsy from the shop inges (picture links to product page). I love the color scheme and that bit of lace.

What’s something you’re loving at the moment? Tell me about it.