Encouraging Girls to Dare for their Dreams.

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After some soul-searching  following the opening of my Etsy shop, I’ve decided to realign its mission slightly to be the encouragement and empowerment of teen girls to work for their dreams. This “new” mission is important to me because I was a teen girl myself only a few years back, and I can recall all too clearly the feelings of self-doubt and/or worthlessness that can (and generally do) come with being a teen girl… heck, with being a teen at all.

Being a teen girl is what I can most closely identify with, though. I was a girl who was afraid to dream too much; what if they didn’t come true? What if those dreams weren’t considered “normal” or “cool” or “obtainable”, etc?

Sometimes just a little encouragement can be enough to pull you through. Little (or large) bits of encouragement made a huge impact on my life, even though I only realize this looking back now. They helped me to keep going, and eventually find that my dreams were precious because they were (and are) my own.

I’m looking into expanding my shop beyond bracelets, but for now I hope that there are girls out there who will gain some encouragement to work for their dreams by wearing one of my bracelets as a reminder to chase those goals.

What do you think of my goal? What is something that’s encouraged you, no matter how small?
What’s a mission that’s important to you, and how are you working for it to happen?


Pink Lllama Jar by DangerCatByEmeli on Etsy.com.

It’s a  jar with a hot pink llama on the lid (her name is Cindy). Love it or leave it? I’ll definitely take the former road! This made me laugh and instantly cheered up my day. Made and sold by DangerCatByEmeli on Etsy; photo links to product page.

Got something you’re loving? Share it!

3-30-12 GOALS
Help in sister’s store, 9am-12pm–
Finish 1 bracelet–Done! Whoohoo!
Photograph bracelets for Etsy shop–Also done!

3-31-12 GOALS
Make more bracelets!
Figure out a few things for my soon-to-be Etsy shop. 

So I’m really excited about the impending opening of my Etsy shop… so excited that I didn’t get much sleep last night, I was so worked up! I’ll be doing more work on it today. In other news, making Treasuries on Etsy is time-consuming… but oh so much fun.

What are your goals for today? What is something you’ve accomplished recently that you’re proud of?

Pink Haired Girl Pin by jojoebi on Etsy.com.

Isn’t this pin/brooch made by jojoebi darling? Seeing that cute, bright-haired girl smiling so happily just cheers me right up! Photo links to product page.

What’s something you’re loving right now, that makes you smile?

Hand knotted bracelet from ofdreamsanddaring.wordpress.com.

A look at what’s to come, just for you.

3-29-12 GOALS
Bracelets 1 hour: Not done today, I’m afraid… I was caught up with the following task.
Research how to become a copywriter for hire: More research done.
Extra task: organize children’s bookshelves for sister: Done! It took practically half the day, but I got ‘er done!

3-30-12 GOALS
Help in sister’s store, 9am-12pm
Finish 1 bracelet.
Photograph bracelets for Etsy shop.

That’s right, I’ma start a shop selling my hand knotted bracelets! I figured that this is something that I can do more immediately while I’m looking into becoming a small creative business copywriter. Details coming to a blog near you (read: this one) after the break.


Hi, I’m Leah. I sell bracelets that I knot by hand.

“Hi, Leah. Why do you make and sell bracelets?”

The short, dispassionate answer: To earn money. Thanks for forking over your cash!

The longer, PASSIONATE answer: To know that I am worth something. To know that other people appreciate and support my ongoing inner quest for validation. I’m a college dropout and I struggle with depression, anxiety, and self-confidence issues… But with each sale of my bracelets, I receive a powerful message: I AM worth something, more than I give myself credit for. I can work for a dream, not just a roof over my head. Others believe in me. Others are giving me permission to believe in myself.

Through my selling of my bracelets, I hope to also inspire other young, confused, and aimless people like myself that they, too, are worth something! They can take steps towards their dreams; no matter how small, they’re still steps forward, not in the same place or backwards.

“So, they’re just bracelets, right?”

Nope, they’re not JUST bracelets. They’re manifestations of my dream to love and have confidence in myself, to look in the mirror and be proud of who I see. They’re tangible representations of my vision of inspiring and motivating others with dreams similar to mine.

Rock Star Cufflinks from whitetruffle on Etsy.com.

A pair of cufflinks unabashedly proclaiming the wearer to be a rock star. What more needs to be said, really? Sold by whitetruffle on Etsy.com (photo links to product page).

Got something that you love, particularly something handmade? Tell me about it!